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👋 Great to meet you!

❌ So, I do not like time wasters, selfish people, and I especially do not like the plastic in our oceans.

✅ I love great people, with big dreams, and even bigger hearts.

🍫 I've been selling since I was 13, when I used to buy sweets from a mate of mine, before flip selling them for three times as much, all before my name was read on the morning register.

⚽️ Since then, I’ve been a professional football coach.

🚖 I have been the Head of Solutions for the world's largest taxi company, Addison Lee.

🌍 I have launched countries as part of the leading mobility marketplace, Karhoo.

📦 Co-founded Player Packs, the UK's leading player care platform. #UnboxYourGame

🅿️ Built a repeatable, scalable and profitable revenue engine at JustPark, the UK's #1 Parking App.

💻 Today I am helping small business brands all over the world grow by managing their social media for them.

👉 Now it is time to ask yourself: what could growing your social media mean for your brand?

🚀 Let's get your project launched... 

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