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5 Ways To Organically Grow Your Business

Invest In Your Website

The best Formula 1 cars don't just keep things the same after they make the podium and earn millions in winnings, they keep on tweaking and enhancing the vehicle's performance. The same should go for your website.

Too much change and inconsistency to your site will create a bad user experience for your customers. But, 'nudging' your site in the right direction after you have taken learnings, and devised a plan to make it better, is great practice.

You can read our blog about "How Vital Is Your Website" here for great tips on how to grow your website's functionality, performance, and potential sales.

Smash Your Social Media

Let's clear up something here: You don't have to spend the world to grow on social media!

Sure, sometimes cash helps to promote adverts across different channels, but unless the product or service you are selling returns a profitable return on your investment, it can be a counter productive and costly exercise.

What does matter, is the value you bring to your audience and being there for them; these are the 2 major actions in your control that will help drive your growth.

More of a social audience that trusts and believes in you, means you can grow your sales channels and funnels to target more and specific sales leads.

To help grow your content with confidence, you can get your FREE content calendar template, and instructions on how to deliver proper content here.


Being an expert in your industry is great, but being a thought leader is incredible.

If you can position yourself as a thought leader, and come up with a solid course, event, webinar, or workshop, it's a fantastic way to raise your brand awareness, and another great way to obtain sales leads and advocates of your brand..

If you're not ready to host your own, you could go to an industry event whether that's online or in-person, and you network that way.


This is the most obvious but most untapped source of support that we hear of on a regular basis. Friends should support your business and your dreams. So use them!

On Facebook? Go to the community page and start inviting your friends to your business page, and get them to share it.

On Twitter? Tweet about your services or product, and get your friends to retweet it.

On Instagram? Make a reel about your services, your business, and get your friends to share it to their stories.

More Google Reviews help your business appear in searches, ask your friends to review and recommend your services.

(Psst, you can also use this review as a social media post!)

The possibilities are endless, use your friends people!

Review Your Sales Channels

This is such a simple but effective way to grow your business, if you do your research properly.

Many brands we speak to haven't explored out into new platforms or channels where they could be missing potential customers; normally because of a lack of understanding or knowledge, and sadly in some cases, also making incorrect or fearful assumptions that because of their own demographics they might not 'suit' a particular platform or channel.

Of course some platforms and channels are going to suit your business better, but if you haven't looked into their pros and cons how can you be sure you're doing enough today to boost your sales?

Do your research into other platforms and sales channels, demographics of your target customers, and where you're likely to find them, and also look into the tools and resources you use to see if they can help to.

Many platforms such as Wix and Shopify have plug-ins, apps, and direct-to-channel access that can broaden your reach out to new potential customers.

If you need help with research or building a winning strategy, email:

Thank you for reading, and don't forget to follow the butterfly @craftsmithsc.

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