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Deliver More Content

How do you deliver as much content as possible? GaryVee's content pyramid model is the proven method of creating, delivering, and repurposing content that allows you to post with better quality and quantity to reach a new customer base that could be waiting for you.

At Craftsmiths Consulting, we use the model ourselves, and it is brilliant. Gary starts with highlighting what he refers to as his 'Pillar Content'. This is your large piece of content that is going to be the foundations of the process.

Your pillar should be long and full (examples could be: a vlog episode, a written blog post, an interview, etc) and you should post this across your social media channels / platforms, in particular, the platforms that will suit your topic of content best. It's a fair assumption to make that the younger audience will be on TikTok and Instagram, versus the older professionals on LinkedIn. Do your research and choose smartly.

Once you've posted your pillar, it's now your task and challenge to yourself to break this large piece of content into what Gary calls your 'Micro Content'.

This micro content is smaller / bitesize pieces of content that can be reused to:

- add even more value

- to hook in your audience to watch / read your pillar piece of content

- to capture more of an audience size by covering more time in the day

Here's a real case study which worked for us:

We worked recently with a sports therapist who wanted to post more content to their followers, so we recommended the following.

The brand were / are already using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter - 5 platforms in total.

We challenged them to write a pillar piece of content that was interesting, and relevant to many, and they chose "The Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries".

What a brilliant way to get their nosey audience to look into how many of those injuries they have had, and how many their friends have.

But this is where the content crushes it:

By doing the top 10, it meant there were also 10 injuries that they could break down into their micro content. All of a sudden 1 post became 10, across their 5 platforms it was 50 pieces of content.

We even challenged them further, and we asked them to think about breaking their micro content to elaborate even further on the injuries.

Let's say we choose Tennis Elbow. You could split this content into more elements like;

- How does it happen?

- How can I prevent it?

- How do I treat it?

We've gone from 50 pieces, now to 150!

Have we paid anyone to run ads to produce content in the hope of attracting more customers? No.

We introduced a proven method, and guided them on the industry specific structure that could help them be a winner with their customers.

We highly recommend checking out @GaryVee, and if you want more guidance you can follow the Craftsmiths Consulting butterfly @CraftsmithsC.



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