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FREE Content Calendar Template

When trying to grow your business brand, 'turning up' for your audience and fans is vital, but sometimes turning up can feel overwhelming when you're asking yourself "what should I post" and "what will add value to my customers".

As with many things in life, a mission without a goal and strategy supporting it is a journey destined to crash.

We've developed the 'Craftsmiths Consulting Content Plan & Calendar', so you and your business brand can plan your content activities across your social platforms in advance, grow your audience with confidence, and enhance your marketing talent to achieve your goals.


Craftsmiths Consulting Content Plan & Calendar Templete
Download XLSX • 54KB


Step 1 - Go to the 'Content Plan' tab, and begin noting down your 'Pillar Content'. These are the big pieces of content you can talk about in maybe a blog / vlog post. For example, a sports therapist may document "The top 10 most common sports injuries".

Step 2 - Break down and repurpose your Pillar Content into 'Micro Content'. This is a great way to up your posting, and also make your content simpler for your audience to digest. For example, out of the Pillar Content which we said could be the top 10 most common sports injuries, we can break out the 10 injuries into their own micro posts, starting with a 15 second TikTok video on tennis elbow. You could even break it down further and talk about: - What is tennis elbow?

- How do you get it? - How can I prevent it? - How can I cure it?

Step 3 - Once you've documented your Pillar and Micro Content, you can begin creating a plan together using the calendar, and you'll begin to see an immediate improvement on the quantity and quality of your content.

Bonus tip - You will notice we have also got a 'Social Calendar / Awareness Day' column. This is for days of the year such as: - Cancer Awareness Day

- New Beers Eve

- Mental Health Awareness Day

Social and Awareness days are a fantastic way to show your support to your audience for incredible causes around the world, but to also build a relationship with your customers who may also share the same beliefs as you.

If you need help with creating your content or planning, why not have a free consultation with us? Book here.

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