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FREE Lead Generation Ideas

A 'lead' is a person and / or business that could become a customer, and the term often refers to the data that gives the identity of that potential customer, and what it is they are wanting to buy from you.

'Lead generation' is the process and efforts of gaining the interest from your potential customers, in order to drive your future sales.

Now let's be real, your customers want as much as possible, whilst spending as little as possible. But, you can still give value to your customers without money changing hands, and you getting a return on your efforts.

Think of it like a game of supermarket sweep where the contenders complete tasks and they get to run around a store grabbing the items they want. You can do this with your customers where you both receive value from one-another, by giving your customers tools / services / resources that they may find useful, whilst you obtain data from them to add to your prospect list; and by the way, this could also be even more valuable for your customers, because they get kept up-to-date with all your updates as you release them.

Here's some lead generation ideas below that may work for you and your business:

Digital Downloads:

Here's some examples of some companies and some content they could give their customers in exchange for data:

- Kitchen Supplier: a how to design your dream guide

- Sports Nutritionist: a plan for the perfect match day performance

- Beautician: aftercare brochure to keep you looking your best

Think about what you your customers could download for free that adds value, and get it on your website in a clear place for them to consume it.

Software / Hardware Trial:

If you're a company that provides a software or hardware product / service, free trials are a great way to not only get your product out there in the market, but also a way to prove how awesome it is.

If your product / service is being used by your customers, it means they have a chance to see and feel it, which gives your more power and influence on being a strong factor in their decision making about buying it in full. Not forgetting that because they've experienced it, they can also recommend this to their network, which could organically grow your customer base and sales.

If your customers want to trial your service, part of their on-boarding should include a follow up email from you to guide them to a great experience, so there should be very little friction about sharing their email address with you if that want that experience.

Social Media Live Events / Q&As:

This sounds like an out-there method, but let's refer back to what the meaning of lead actually is: A 'lead' is a person and / or business that could become a customer, and the term often refers to the data that gives the identity of that potential customer, and what it is they are wanting to buy from you.

If you host a live event on your social channels, and you have visitors watching you, that means they are more likely to be a potential customer than those that haven't tuned in.

These viewers of your live events are the 'low hanging fruit' you can target, and promptly, because they have proven they have a genuine interest in your product / services.

Something To Live By:

The difference between the winning and losing brands is the value they bring to their customers.

Never assume that just because you are offering something to your customers for free, that they are going to consume it.

A question to challenge yourself with when creating content is:

Would people pay for this?

If they would pay for it, but they are getting for free, they are more likely to take it.

It's a simple and maybe obvious statement, but highly relevant when it comes to customer behaviour.

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Thanks for reading, and don't forget to follow the butterfly @craftsmithsc.

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