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How Vital Is Your Website?

Positioning yourself online as a strong, professional destination that reassures your customers that your are the real deal is vital in your journey to success, and making a connection with your customers that compels them to trust you, and want to engage with your brand beyond just a purchase, is how big winning brands leave the rest behind.

One of the regular scenarios we face as an agency, is we get asked to support our clients in producing strategies and content that drive customers to their website, only to find that when their customers land on their homepage or product page, in many cases they’re giving those customers a shocking experience, and this often comes down to 2 major and common mistakes:

  1. Confusing their customers.

  2. Making their customers jump through hoops to order.

It only takes one bad experience to lose a customer, and online first impressions count just as much, if not more than a face-to-face meeting.

Here's our advice to transform your website, which you should now think of just like a physical shop. WINDOW SHOPPERS

Your shopfront needs to be exciting so window shoppers want to walk through your door. Have you ever been on a website and thought “nah, not for me”, and you click that 'x' in the top right corner straight away? We’ve all been there, don’t let your website be the same.

Focus on your branding and do your research into what your target customers will enjoy when they land on your site. Here's things to think about:

- Logo and logo variations - Fonts - Colour palettes - Media (imagery and videography) - Headers and paragraphs


You’ve got your customers in the door, they now want the best experience possible. Have you ever been in a clothing or shoe store and their staff welcomes you with: “Good morning, can I help you with anything today?” Here’s why that action is significant: Only 1% of your digital customers will actually engage with your website.

If you’re not capturing their attention and giving them an awesome experience, how much is that lost sale worth to your business brand? In many cases customers need guidance, help them!

How many sites have you visited recently where chat bots and / or live chat is on the website? The above is the exact reason why. It is about giving your customers an incredible experience.


We’ve got them through the door, you’ve guided them with some amazing customer service, but your customers have been jumping through hoops trying to find the till, or in the case of your website: the “BUY NOW” button.

Get it in the top right corner of your pages, make it stand out, keep it there whilst your customers scroll through your site, and prompt your customers to buy at every opportunity.

Subliminal messaging and promoting is scientifically proven to influence customers in their decision making when it comes to buying.

Need help making a killer website? Click here.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow the butterfly @craftsmithsc.

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