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Steal Our Brand Guide!

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines clearly set out your brand's rules, do's and don'ts when it comes to how your appearance and voice should be seen and heard around the globe.

This guide will help you have discipline and consistency when it comes to demonstrating what your brand is, what your purpose is, and why.

Are they important?

Absolutely! Without branding guidelines, business brands risk confusing their internal and external audiences.

Use your guide to facilitate a culture with clearly defined behaviours, boundaries and values.

FREE download:

Here's our Craftsmiths Consulting brand guidelines for you to steal, and use as a template for your branding guidelines.

Craftsmiths Consulting - Company Branding - Guidelines V1.0. - 2022
Download PDF • 10.74MB

For any advice on how to create your branding guidelines, book a FREE 15 minute chat here:

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